Fresh start for your health?

GoCarrot helps you to find motivation for more workouts & healthier nutrition

How it works?
How it works?
You make a commitment to your relative(s) and get a gift back

You might wish to get rid off 15 pounds in 3 months - ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to cheer you up! Make a bet that you get rewarded by your supporter - let's say enjoy together the Super Bowl game in Houston to celebrate your achievement

You set a target
  • loose weight
  • gain muscles
You supporter promises reward
You & Supporter track your progress!

You'll get a dedicated workout program created by our top-notch coaches and adjusted to your needs by AI. You always have a schedule with all your workouts ahead. Your supporter gets regular updates on your progress

Enjoy together reward and improved health

Connected any ways you want!

Stay connected to our trainers and your supporter(s) by using our app, FB messanger or/and e-mails

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