We are the team of professionals in wellness, healthcare and user experience, all passionate about providing new ways of inspiration for a better lifestyle.

As office employees, we have suffered from unsustainable lifestyle - low activity, long hours, and junk food. As professional coaches, we were struggling to keep high level of motivation for our amateur athletes.

We found a "magic tool" to keep high motivation lasting long - your close ties are the best support. We have tested it on ourselves.

Nowadays, we are working to deliver you the best platform to get your body healthier and your life more productive and joyful.

  • Tony Urban
    CEO and Product
    Completed 1 full and 6 half marathons
    • Project Manager in healthcare consulting (>5 years)
    • Co-founded fintech startup
  • Nik Khamna
    Product development
    Completed 6 full marathons
    • Product manager in several b2c startups
    • Experience in B2B product dev’t

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